This story is inspired by the classic Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

The characters have lived with me for years. But I didn’t have a story for them. Till a few days ago. And then i couldn’t stop myself from penning it down.

As the story wrote itself in my head, i made a few tweaks to the characters. Its not Rahul anymore, its Raj. Yeah, yeah, i know. KKHH and Rahul-Anjali. But like i said, the story is inspired from KKHH, its not KKHH. So, its Raj-Jia-Tina. I kept the last names the same though ;-).

I think this will be quite short. Four-five parts. And very traditionally romantic. With cliches. You have been warned.


This story is dedicated to my friends – my special loved ones who make my day.

– Aparna. For being there. For being who you are. For always somehow knowing what i needed – be it for some one to hear me out, or some one to advice me. When i think of my friends, you always, invariably, come first to mind. For who but you could have borne through my incessant humming during all those NIIT classes?? [And i hope you can tolerate your extremely delayed birthday gift].


– Ranjana. I learnt the term “soul-sister” a couple of years ago. But i found mine many years ago in school. Did i tell you i love you?


– Lizzi. My. In some ways, my kids owe their existence more to you than to us! My guardian angel was looking over me the day i met you.


– Ed Sir and Elina. For practically adopting me in a place where i knew no one. For being there – always. For being my family and bringing me into yours.


– Nikhilbhai and Minalben. I still, even after so many years, learn something new from you every time we meet. We need to meet more!


– Sridhar. My best bud. ‘nough said.


– Kadeen. I would never have started writing without you, Sunshine.


Friends truly are god’s blessings.


9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. By Jove… this is so touching.. !
    School would not have been the same without you..
    You showed me what warmth, affection and selfless help was all about..
    I miss you around and think of you a lot you know…
    And did I tell you I love you more.. !
    Hugs n kisses… !!!
    And visit here soon…

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